Enjolras has a tiny grey kitten who regularly sleeps in his hood and who enjoys sprawling across his keyboard as often as possible called Jeremy Paxman who must be addressed as such all the time. Anyone who doesn’t address the kitten as Jeremy Paxman will be removed from the apartment.


The Walking Dead Game, Season 2, Episode 3: beta ending leaked

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jordan bennett - students, workers, everyone


please listen to this incredible courfeyrac

*update: his name is jordan bennett! thanks to joana for doing the research!


rollercoaster radio - an upbeat mix for fun at theme parks and fairgrounds (listen) (take it with you)


It literally says it might make you sweat. Just in a really fancy way. Lol


Omfg he just looks so happy and excite like hello yes friend where are we going today?


If you ever date an asexual person be sure to get the specifics of their asexuality because the level of comfort with physical contact is different for all of us.


words to live by


Look at her little ears!


I never realised you could be in love with a shoe until I went on the Chie Mihara website. (x)

You can really sink your teeth into it. I found the experience of her execution incredibly harrowing. It was very upsetting. I had to do all the lines, and as I was saying them, I got the feeling I was saying goodbye to a character. And, of course, you have to deal with the obvious sympathy and empathy to the historical figure. I was a real crucible of emotions for those few days. Which is a gift. Because when you’re holding a draft, a mirror up to life as humbly as we can, it’s one of the greatest opportunities we can be given, to deal with mortality. I felt very, very privileged and very, very grateful to have that experience.”

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